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Hi there, Chantelle here from Otella Jewellery.

I started this website in 2017 ago after being in the corporate industry for fifteen years.

It’s important for me to do something that not only makes me happy but also bring joy to others. Jewellery and fashion are exactly that. I have always just loved the simplicity of Sterling Silver jewellery. Its timeless and trendy and has stood the test of time.

The jewellery sold on this website is by no means unique, just beautiful things I would love to share and make available to other women just like me. We all need a little sparkle in our lives, we all need to feel beautiful and I believe jewellery does just that! I hope to make beautiful affordable jewellery available to everyone who ends up on this website.

A few things about me … I never finish a cup of coffee and you can find my coffee cups everywhere. I seriously dislike untrustworthy people, winter, brussel sprouts and spinach (yes, in that order!).  I simply love dressing up, in somewhat unconventional but beautiful clothing and I plan to start a clothing label in the not too distant future.

I love to eat (I mean who doesn’t?) and love to cook and you will also notice that I love the word love – hahaha! We are a big blended family and my husband and I share five wonderful kids between us. Breakfasts, lunches and dinners are loud, happy and filled with laughter … followed by the consumption of copious amounts of food. Literally, nothing lasts more than a day and a half around this joint. I can stock the fridge to its full capacity, only to look in hours later and discover nothing but empty spaces.

As you follow us on our social media channels please say hi. I know it’s a big deal to take the time to share your thoughts, so any messages you send us are super special. I promise to read and reply to each and every one.

Connect to our FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM channels or contact me directly via email – chantelle@otella.co.za

As always – Stay humble, be kind, work hard.