How to buy jewellery for men

How to buy jewellery for men

Jewellery for men

How to buy jewellery for men can be challenging, how do you select the best jewellery to best represent their individual tastes, their work, their lifestyles and their levels of comfort with jewellery?

Jewellery as gifts for men, for any occasion, is a great idea, and not just because they’re trendy or fashionable. Jewellery is a great conversation starter, and it gets a man noticed.

Start with the man himself
Who is he? What does he like? Forget about Daniel Craig and ever-changing trends. Just concentrate on the man you’re buying for – what can you see him wearing?

Keep it simple and subtle
A little goes a long way. A basic watch, a simple ring band or a tastefully modest bracelet may be all it takes to get him noticed for his great taste. In other words, it’s not necessary to go big, bold, flashy or expensive.

Men tend to gravitate toward functional jewellery, so keep it functional.

Metals matter
Gold and Silver are the metals chosen by most men who wear jewellery. Platinum is also very popular.

Sterling Silver remains a classic. It’s an affordable and versatile metal that is loved by many men. Its wearability and understated nature make it a go-to option for those who want to subtly accent their outfit, rather than make a bold statement.

Traditional rules dictate that metals should match — if he’s wearing a silver ring, he should wear a silver necklace. But he may feel free to mix things up if he is comfortable doing so.  Alloys such as brass and stainless steel may be good choices for men’s jewellery, because they have a more comfortable, casual, worn-in appearance and are less showy and shiny, not to mention less expensive. Leather is also a great choice.

Keep skin tone in mind
– Cool skin tones look best in light metals = white gold, platinum, or silver
– Warm skin tones work great with yellow metals = yellow gold, rose gold, brass
– Neutral skin toneswhite and yellow metals

Start with a bracelet as the first piece you purchase
Bracelets are appropriate for any look, from a suit to a tee-shirt. From a tough leather to a metal bangle, from a single band to a double wrap bracelet, you can pair bracelets with just about any type of attire. You’ll successfully add a simple touch to your outfit, with just the perfect amount of edge.

Finally, remember this: The man makes the jewellery and not the other way around. Always stick within his comfort zone.

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